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What It Does.

Add a small amount of VaporAde to water and you've created a powerful and reliable answer to the threat of fuel tank explosions. Fog the mixture into a tank and you lock up the vapors of gasoline and other dangerous materials. With the vapors rendered inert by VaporAde, the tank can be cleaned and returned to service in a matter of hours. Compare this quick turnaround with the days or weeks required for ventilation and other conventional methods of vapor elimination. The turnaround time means substantial savings for owners. More important, the risk to human life is reduced or eliminated.

Green Agent Technology™

  • Ends the threat posed by explosive vapors in storage tank.
  • Protects expensive equipment and saves human lives.
  • Quick, efficient, economical, safe for the environment.
  • Harnesses science to tame hazardous vapors.

Where Is It Used.

VaporAde works to suppress the vapors generated by the residues of petroleum products, solvents and many other potentially dangerous materials. VaporAde works in automotive and maritime fueling stations, refineries, ethanol and other agricultural processing plants, pulp mills, manufacturing facilities, users of industrial solvents, food processors and dozens of other locations.

How It Works.

VaporAde carries a positive charge that will attract and capture the negative charge in a dangerous vapor. In effect, the vapor is neutralized and the explosive potential of gasoline and other vapor producing materials is permanently ended. In most applications, a VaporAde concentration of 6 percent or less will reduce LEL's to a safe limit.

Why It's Safe For The Environment.

VaporAde traps the vapor by changing its chemical structure. The change is permanent, instead of masking the vapor odor or releasing it into the atmosphere. VaporAde locks itself onto the vapor, producing a non-explosive, nonflammable substance. By way of contrast, tank fumes are merely vented into the atmosphere. In addition, VaporAde is nontoxic and non-corrosive and can be used with a variety of conventional fogging and spraying equipment.

Why VaporAde Is The Best.

VaporAde represents a breakthrough in the technology of controlling explosive vapors. Instead of attempting to hide vapor odors of venting fumes into the atmosphere. Using an innovative, proprietary formula, VaporAde extends the record of success written by Fire Service Plus, the industry leader in products designed to control the threat and possibilities of fires and explosives.